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Portfolio Management

Whether your savings have been built up inside or outside of super, if you want them to grow, you need to find investments which provide better long term returns than cash. That’s because inflation will gradually eat away at the value of your investment.  At Aspirations Wealth Group, we carefully select the right investments for your needs.  Our team constantly monitors your suite of investments and where required, we’ll contact you to make adjustments to improve your returns.  It’s all about active management of your money.

How we can help

We’ll start by understanding your financial goals and the timeframe in which you want to meet them.  We’ll also spend time understanding your “risk profile” which helps us to work out whether you are more likely to be a “Growth” investor or a “Conservative” investor, or perhaps somewhere in between.  Then we’ll propose a portfolio to you and get you involved in understanding exactly how your money will be invested and how you can expect it to perform in the coming years.  We may recommend managed funds, direct shares, direct property, cash or term deposits (often a combination of the above).

Free second opinion on your portfolio

Through our second opinion service, you can enjoy a complimentary review of your current position and investment portfolio. This service will review the following at no cost:

  • Your Aspirations and goals
  • Your portfolio composition and asset allocation 
  • Your long term performance vs benchmarks and our model portfolios
  • The fees you pay

After reviewing the above, we provide you with  a detailed report of your portfolio options. If our research identifies your current portfolio is satisfactory, you can be confident knowing your are doing the right thing. However if our research identifies enhanced choices, you can then meet (at no cost) with one of our private wealth advisers to consider how to improve your portfolio options. 




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Our Investment Philosophy:

  • Price and therefore valuation drives long term returns

  • Past returns are a poor guide to future returns

  • Income is very important

  • Active management adds value

  • Long term returns are more predictable than short term returns

  • Most investment risk comes from (and is managed through) asset allocation

  • Our two main priorities for our clients are to BUILD and PROTECT their wealth

General Advice Warning: This page contains information that is general in nature. It does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. You need to consider you financial situation and needs before making any decisions based on this information.