Aspirations Insights : March 2023

Welcome to the second edition of the Aspirations Wealth (AW) Insights for 2023. AW constantly monitor the investment markets and aim to keep our valued clients regularly informed and updated.

USA Recession Probability 

The chart below plots the probability of a USA recession in the next 12 months and next 24 months as implied by market data. Historically, the outlook in the near term becomes more concerning when market expectations of recession rise above the 90% level. Share markets are currently anticipating an economic slowdown and even mild recession. What is not priced into share markets is a severe global recession. 

10 Interest Rate Increases In a Row!

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) confirmed a 10th consecutive rate hike on Tuesday afternoon, as the cash rate was lifted to 3.6%. Governor Lowe flagged more “tightening of monetary policy will be needed” to bring inflation down to the goal range of 2-3%. As of the December 2022 quarter, it was at 7.4%. AW predict a cash rate of 4.1% mid-year with a potential two further 25 basis point hikes, before interest rates are paused. The chart below shows the Australian cash rate for the past 33 years – interest rates are still competitive at current levels vs history. 


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