Aspirations Insights : February 2023

Welcome to the first edition of the Aspirations Wealth (AW) Insights for 2023. AW constantly monitor the investment markets and aim to keep our valued clients regularly informed and updated.

Australian Shares

  • The below chart shows the calender year returns from the Australian share market (ASX 200)
  • The grey bar details the return for the full year, while the red dot shows the low point during the year
  • The lesson? Share markets are volatile and you need to stay the course!
  • You will observe that 20 out of 29 years provide positive returns. The average long-term return is around 10% p.a.

Current Outlook & Positioning

We continue to see one of 3 possible scenarios playing out in the US economy over the next 12 months, which in turn will influence the outcomes for most share markets, including Australia.

Stronger-than-expected corporate earnings, a shallow recession or no recession at all, or an earlier-than-expected pivot by the Fed, could strengthen the case for scenario 1 in which shares would most likely rally. The share market rally in January 2023 suggests investors might already be pricing in a scenario 1 outcome.

But worse-than-expected corporate earnings could firm the path to scenario 2 and a full recession which would likely lead to weakness in share assets.

Alternatively, scenario 3 appears to be the least concern for investors at present with inflation expectations priced at very low levels. While highly unlikely in our view, scenario 3 still remains an outside possibility.

Given the uncertainty surrounding central bank policy, economic activity, and corporate earnings, we believe it is too early to know which scenario will transpire. We continue to monitor the evolution of these scenarios which will then in turn impact portfolio allocations and positions. We remain vigilant and willing to make further portfolio adjustments as needed.


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